It has been a good year for Fieldly. But what made it so good and what’s in store for 2018? We took a look in the rear-view mirror and gazed into the near future.

“2018 will be a strong Fieldly year”

Moving into 2018 with full steam ahead and a product that is better than ever, Fieldly is looking forward to helping many more construction companies work efficiently and digitally.

“2016 was a fantastic year with a lot of big wins but it was trumped by 2017 in most ways”, CEO Daniel Krusenstråhle says and continues:

“I’m very happy with the path we’ve chosen with our marketing. I’m also very proud of the way our product has developed. I’m convinced 2018 will be a strong Fieldly year; a year when we give the global construction sector a good push toward full-scale digitalization.”

CMO Sven Paulin looks forward to establishing Fieldly on a number of new markets in 2018.

“We have an exciting year ahead of us with several new powerful features on their way out; functionalities that will open up for new opportunities of collaboration between different actors in the industry.

Hard times ahead for companies holding on to pen and paper

If, or perhaps rather when, we experience a decrease in construction spending and construction starts, construction companies that have yet to begin their digital transformations will face really tough times.

Embracing a digital organization of work will become increasingly important for construction companies, Sven predicts.

“To survive and thrive not only during a flourishing economy but also during weaker times; working efficiently and in a structured way will become absolutely necessary.”

“Our product has reached the next level”

In collaboration with customers Fieldly has been developed to meet the requirements of big groups of companies operating on several markets. This has been done without sacrificing the most important component of Fieldly; simplicity.

“Being able to offer a system that creates real value for construction companies of all sizes, from the small company with a handful of employees to companies and projects organizing thousands of co-workers feels really good”, Sven comments and Daniel agrees:

“Our product has reached the next level. We can now proudly say that all companies, regardless of size and discipline, has a lot to gain from using our system.”

Fieldly, correctly configured, can give customers access to data and insights about their companies that previously has not been accessible at all. Sven explains that the economic aspects of the system has had a particular focus this year. A powerful invoicing module was, for example, recently launched. Integrations to ERP systems are other examples of the new, stronger, system.

“Fieldly is becoming a world-class assistant.”

The value of Fieldly to become more evident

For good reasons a lot of focus has been, and will continue to be, on the development of the number one project management system for construction companies. Without a good product there isn’t much to talk about. That being said, a tool that struggles to communicate its value and reason for being used will not thrive. In 2018 Fieldly will step up its efforts when it comes to demonstrating the value and benefits from going digital. The question why will, hopefully, be both clear and interesting in the year to come.

“You didn’t choose a career in construction because you love paperwork. You chose it because you want to grow your construction company or because you love your craft. Fieldly helps you with both and we’re going to make that crystal clear”, newly recruited Head of Content, Linnéa Vikbrant, says.

“We have never been more ready”

If 2017 was the year of the product, 2016 can be described as the year of awards. Awards and competition wins are signs and indicators that one is moving in the right direction.

Winning the Malmö finals of the DI Digital Startup Tour and receiving the Business Newcomer of the Year in the northwest of Skåne were achievements pushing us to continue developing the best project management system aimed at construction companies.

Although the product has been the centre of attention this year, the team has gained strength as well.

“I’m particularly happy with the way the team has developed and the key recruitments this year has brought. We have never been more ready to create a better, digital, future for construction companies and workers worldwide”, Sven says.

We look forward to see what 2018 holds and hope that you will continue to follow us here on our company blog as well as on other sites and venues to come.

Team Fieldly Meetup Budapest

Team Fieldly Meetup Budapest